Revolution in investment construction and management

In the DiversionDAO ecosystem, investing in build up and managing a sports club is easier than ever. Create, propose new ideas and new directions by voting and monetizing the performance of the clubs you invest in.

Invest in new projects via DiversionDAO's Launchpad
Support new Sport Communities
Use $DIVER to Staking


The core value that DiversionDAO brings to the Blockchain community is based on the DAO protocol

DiversionDAO offers the opportunity to become a potential investor for sports projects in the DiversionDAO ecosystem as a shareholder when holding a sufficient amount of DIVER tokens. The voting permission is held even when the token is staking in the Staking-Earn system. DiversionDAO aims to change the world through financial, technical and cognitive efforts - ultimately creating a new field of investment.


The platform to launch the Fan token projects

Specialized launchpad supports the development and launch of voting Fantoken projects initiated by shareholders in the DiversionDAO ecosystem. We aim to be focused and specialized in an ecosystem. Investors are always protected from the great risks of venture capital when they comply with the rules.

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High-value utility offers an opportunity for $ DIVER holders. Communities tokens of each sports, Fan token of clubs via Launchpad

  • Private

    Invest in new projects via DiversionDAO's Launchpad with private allocation

  • Support

    Support new Sports Communities building on our ecosystem. Athletes were more easily accessible to fans and vice versa

  • Marketplace

    Shareholders holding a sufficient number of DIVER have additional benefits in the Marketplace

  • Other options

    The ultimate support platform for a group of sports investors on a Blockchain-base

Decentralized multi-chain support platform from the Crypto world to the real world. Unlimited any sports, any Fan token.



What we have done - What we aim for?

Developer team building
Unification of ideas
Website design
Building smart contract
Looking for the Angel Investor
Release website and whitepaper
Private Sale
Community building
Team KYC
Contract Audit
Start marketing plan
Influencers marketing
Pinksale IDO
Pancakeswap Listing
AMA activities
Release Staking system
Launching marketing on Youtube
Twitter Marketing Campaign
CMC/CG Listing
Launch DAO ecosystem
Synthesis Shareholders ideas
Vote on DAO system
Raise capital from Shareholder
Building voted project
Pre-launch marketing
Launchpad building start
Kucoin listing
More partnership
Implement real activities
Update new Roadmap

Creating a future with what's better than ever

By associating with venture capital funds and selecting the quintessence of the Blockchain social network. DiversionDAO creates a bright future out of the best

Official Platform
IDO partner
Listing partners

Are you looking to partner with DiversionDAO?

We are looking to work with people and organizations serious about the DiversionDAO's project development and building plan. Marketing partners, and those who wish to join our system.